High quality molluscicide based on Metaldehyde, which is presented in the form of granulated bait, for slugs and snails control. Color: White Concentration of the active ingredient: 5% (p/p). Available in: 250g sachet (box with 50un) and 1kg sachet (box with 20un). Safety Data Sheet: Carakol Authorization for Sale: Carakol Labels: Carakol 250g Carakol 1kg


Insulating paste based on synthetic resin, to help the healing of grafts or wounds on trees. Protects plant wounds through a flexible and waterproof film. Color: Black Available in: 250g package and jar (boxes with 24un), 1kg package (box with 12un) and 5kg bucket. Safety Data Sheet: Arbokol Labels: Arbokol 250g Jar with applicator Arbokol…